Services Offered

Couples Counselling

I do couple counselling from an emotionally focused perspective, focusing on attachment needs. EFT has been found to be the most effective approach for couple counselling and is used world- wide.
I meet with both partners for the first session, followed by an individual session with each partner, before coming back together. Please be advised in my work with couples, I have a "no secrets policy".....

Individual Counselling

Working with adults in various stages of life, I see a range of age groups, from young adults through seniors. Through identifying goals and understanding emotions, we work together to improve life skills, create better coping mechanisms, to enhance quality of life. Some of the issues that clients explore in therapy with me (in no particular order) include: .....

Online Counselling

For online counselling sessions, I use a secure, encrypted videoconferencing program called thera-LINK, which was designed specifically for online counselling. Prior to our first session you will receive an email from thera-LINK to register In the case of technical difficulties, the phone can be used as a back-up method for a session.
For online sessions, please ensure that you have a good internet connection and that you have adequate privacy.