Raising Search Profiles By Content Optimization


SEO Content Optimization.

Quality Website Content is Critical

>>As your Front-line marketing tool, The website content must convince your visitors that your products/services are worth following up on. But in the search engine world, The content has another job almost as important.

The Content must let your Website be found.

>>Search Engines rank your website content relative to certain search words or phrases(aka Keywords ). The keywords your target market population are likely to use to look for what you are selling must be present in your webpages such that your site appears prominately in the search results for the keywords.

The Process is circular in nature:
Pick Good Keywords for your target audience-->make sure they are present in the content-->check how the the site is rated-->tweek the content--> move to other likely search phases.

How We Can Help

  • Use Keyword Tools to Pick a set of Good Keywords
  • Use keywords in the Title and description meta fields (They encourage searchers to click)
  • Optimize content headers and image descriptors
  • Monitor Content search results

Pay-Per-click AD Campaigns

>>To supplement Content search results, many use paid tools like Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

>>Setting up a campaign is similar to the proess above, but does require financial decisions as well as other actions.

>>We can help you set up and manage your ad campaigns within a budget if required.