Website Updates,Changes, Maintenance

Affordable Rates for Webpage changes and and Updates.

Prompt Affordable Changes when you need them!

Updates are Important!
  • Inaccuracies in Price, Products, and People destroy company credibility!
  • Think about it-what would an out-of-date and/or incorrect site site say to you about an organization?

  • Promotions and Sales bring visitors back regularly
  • The more Traffic, the more Sales and the more often customers think of your business

  • Regular Updates help Search Engine Rankings
  • The more often Search Engine robots find changes in your website, the more often they will crawl the sites. This improves rankings over inert static websites, making it easier to find your website on Google, Yahoo! etc.

  • Regular Updates are not expensive.**
  • Done as needed, small regular tweeks to a website are surprisingly cheap when done by a professional webmaster.We have the experience to enable us to accomplish a lot in an hour of intensive programming. Website Maintenance should NOT be a major operating expense.

**for those with frequent essential updates, Contract prices and terms are available